A brief look at San Francisco values (home of Pelosi)

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A brief look at San Francisco values (home of Pelosi)

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This is just scratching the surface..The incoming Speaker of the House hails from a county that voted:
to impeach both President Bush and Vice President Cheney (which would put Rep. Nancy Pelosi into the presidency), by a margin of 59 to 41.

for publicly financing candidates in state races by raising taxes on corporations and financial institutions, 52-48 (it failed statewide, 75-25, in spite of Pelosi’s voters’ support).

voted down a measure that would have limited the government’s use of eminent domain, thus siding more or less with the widely reviled Kelo decision, 71-29.

and voted against a measure that would have increased the penalties for sex offenders and would have subjected sex offenders to more monitoring, 53-47 (it passed statewide, 71-29 in spite of Pelosi’s voters voting against it) Meaning that Californians voted overwhelmingly to protect children from sex offenders — every county in the state voted by huge majorities to approve Proposition 83 except San Fransisco county, represented in Congress by House Speaker elect Nancy Pelosi.

The military recruiting ban passed 60-40, along with a gun control measure (taken together, that should leave San Francisco totally defenseless against terrorists and criminals).

Now there is a ban of ROTC to compliment the complete de-militarization of San Fransisco. The very same ROTC that was in San Fran for 90 yrs.

San Fran seem to be on the march to completly alienate themselves from the rest of the country withthe exception of Vermont. They should have their own intergalactic zip code.

Way to go guys.

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