Your privacy at risk

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Your privacy at risk

Post by KennyT » 22-06-07, 3:04 pm

What Happens in Vegas... stays on Google.

Google has a new feature called "Street View" on their mapping software ( The Street View allows you to go to a camera view on the street of certain cities (right now, they only have 5). Once there, you can zoom in and out, as well as rotate. It's a neat feature, but scary that we are losing our privacy.

One of the cities is Las Vegas, and once I zoomed down to street level, I followed a white truck along it's route until it pulled into a residence. Yes, this is neat to see, but it makes things easier for stalkers, criminals, and pedophiles as well. Just because you can do something innovative with technology, does not mean you should. Check out the street view on Google maps sometime, and tell me what you think.

And you already know that if Google has this technology, so does the government.

Check this out:

Is this someone breaking and entering?


A good look at who you are with, including license plate # for verification

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Post by v0id » 23-06-07, 3:08 pm

Don't think street view has reached Google UK yet. Hell, it's maps satellite view images are about 8 years out of date
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Re: Your privacy at risk

Post by Peter » 05-01-11, 8:26 pm

The pictues are a one time thing. There are lots of strange things to see on street view, but none of it is in real time.
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